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 Dogfight Tournery

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PostSubject: Dogfight Tournery   Dogfight Tournery EmptyMon Jul 21, 2008 4:48 pm

I found this on community forum, any would be pilots in our clan may wanna try it out.

It holds on a US based server, so you may wanna complain about your ping.

Here's a video that was made by GreasedScotsman to promote the last tourney:

And this is how it is ran:

Just bought this server for practice, NO MODS ON IT.

Password = dogfights
ip =

You can connect easily by using this in your console:

connect; password dogfights

it's a 10 slot server, we've been practicing for a while to make sure that all the settings are right. Feel free to join or come with a friend to practice against.

Now, I have to warn you, this isn't for those that are new to flying, you will get shoot down rather fast. There are a few really good anansi pilots entering, good as in good. No kidding.
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Dogfight Tournery
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