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 Raging on VOIP

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Raging on VOIP Empty
PostSubject: Raging on VOIP   Raging on VOIP EmptyWed Jul 16, 2008 6:54 pm

Do you rage on VOIP?

Do you feel like shooting all those noobs out there?

Do you feel like you are getting owned all the time?

You can take out all your anger here!

But, please watch the following clip first. Try not to turn the volume too loud, you may be shock-eD.


Seriously, guns are bad, they are design to hurt people, so remember not to buy one. Unless you intend to use it privately, then you should keep it locked up away from children under the age of 10. Also, make sure it is unloaded. Keeping a loaded gun next to your bed is the best way to "accidentally" make a tiny hole in your brain.

Do be careful around firearms, always remember to turn the safety off.
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Raging on VOIP
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